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The Control4 System

Our Control4 home automation systems are designed to make life easier and more fun, while ensuring they blend seamlessly with your interiors. Our unique Control4 home automation installations are specially designed for your ease of use. Through our easy-to-use Control4 interface you can intelligently control and automate virtually any home function, TV, Music, Lights, Security, CCTV and more...

Control 4 Ireland

The phrase "home automation" is used to encompass so much stuff that it's hard for us to explain exactly what you can do without starting into an hour-long lecture. So here is a short and simple list of what Control4 home automation can do.

Control your home cinema and TV systems with one remote.

Control 4 Systems IrelandView CCTV cameras and integrate with your home's security system

Control 4 Products IrelandControl your lights

Control4 IrelandPipe music, Radio or DVD’s into different rooms

Control4 ProductsTurn on and off any appliance

Control4 SystemsOpen doors, windows, blinds, curtains, and other motorised items, like your garage door

Control4 Systems DublinControl your air conditioning and heating

And you can do all this...

From your phone.

Control 4 Home AutomationFrom your iPad.

Home AutomationFrom your laptop.

Smart Home ProductsRemotely from a computer over the internet.

Smart LightingFrom a whole house remote.

CCTV Camera SystemFrom touch screen panels or fancy light switches.

Air Conditioning AutomationAutomatically, based on a schedule.

Heating AutomationAutomatically, based on other "events" that happen, like doors opening, or motion sensors being set off.

Door AutomationOne at a time, or all together.



Control 4 makes it easy to go green without compromising your lifestyle. From smart dimmers to intelligent thermostats, pre-set configurations let you just set it once and forget it. You’ll be making an impact on the environment — and your wallet.


Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below which explains more of what Control4 can do...


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