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At Digital Homes, we have a wealth of experience in designing and installing smart home systems that are specifically designed to meet all your needs and requirements. You’ll have complete control over your entertainment, data and voice communications, home security and more with a great level of functionality. Whether you want to adjust your heating, turn your appliances on or off or have your favourite TV show on different televisions whilst you complete your chores, smart home control supplied by Digital Homes will help you to live in the 21st century.

Structured Cabling Smart Home Systems

As a modern and independent technology company, Digital Homes has the experience and skill to design and deliver the optimal cabling network for your current and future smart home automation requirements. We will design your structured cabling network to ensure you have as much choice and functionality as possible for your current and future smart home systems.


Smart Homes Ireland


Smart home network

Digital Homes are experienced in delivering a variety of wired and wireless networks for a variety of smart home environments, as well as commercial, office and retail environments. Should you choose wired system smart home control, our fully integrated networks consist of:

  • - Cat 6
  • - Cat 6a
  • - Fibre
  • - Coaxial cable
  • - High grade speaker cable

We also offer any other type of cable that helps us to deliver you the entire range of services and content you want from your smart home systems to your home.

Our expert engineers mean we can additionally address any IT problems you may encounter with your smart home control. With Digital Homes, every PC, laptop, game console, smart phone and tablet will be able to access the same content (whether that’s a song, video or image) in any room at the simple touch of a button. We will set up your smart home to share resources such as hard drives, printers and broadband, and place security restrictions on any necessary files.

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