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The Digital Home network can be further utilised to deliver an integrated CCTV system.  The ability to view all cameras on a monitor, through TV’s or over the internet offers tremendous piece of mind and convenience.  Install an integrated solution to control and monitor visitors to your home. Cameras can be further activated and controlled using building management systems.  We can also build in movement detection that will automatically trigger lights to come on and recording to commence.


CCTV Installations Dublin, Ireland

Linking CCTV cameras to hard drive recorders can allow months of recording without ever changing a tape and the footage can be recorded to CD or DVD for long term storage or archiving. Our systems are also clever enough to upload footage to a secure server in the event of an alarm condition so even if the thief steals the actual CCTV recorder you can still view the images.  Your control system can also automatically lock doors, windows and gates and control CCTV cameras positioned around the property. All controlled systems can be monitored from anywhere in the property, or around the world via a secure web page.

CCTV Services Dublin, Ireland

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